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Time limited software license

A new opportunity to work and save thanks to the time limited software licenses of SierraSoft software!

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Who is it aimed at?

  • To those with temporary workloads that require additional user licenses or functions compared to those already at their disposal.
  • For those starting or resuming work on a limited budget or with limited prospects of earning money in the short-term.

What's included?

  • 3 or 12 months use of SierraSoft Product
  • Technical support included as part of the SierraSoft time limited software license (period coinciding with the time limited license)

What are the advantages?

  • Immediately operational with technical support included.
  • Curbing costs based on the actual use of the product.
  • Full tax deductibility of the rental service.

Technical support features included.

  • The duration and expiry date coincide with the time limited license period.
  • Complete topic pages..
  • Sending the support request via web form to be filled out:
    If the client cannot access Internet, they can call 0434 254900 where an operator will fill out the form under dictation.
  • Requests are handled as quickly as possible; guarantee is given that the requests will be taken on board within 8 working hours from receipt thereof, indicating that an expert has evaluated them and will proceed with dealing with them.
  • A minimum troubleshooting time is not guaranteed.
    If the request includes complex tests or ones that are too costly, or if the request is linked to a design by the customer that cannot easily be reproduced, it may not be possible to process it; in this case, the applicant will be notified and, if available, other forms of assistance will be recommended.
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: access to SierraSoft Consulting services (fees apply and only during the time limited license period).
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: access to the SierraSoft Coaching service (fees apply and only the time limited license period).
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