Railway line Saida - Moulay Slissen - Algeria

“Thanks to ProSt and to the continuous availability of support from the Sierrasoft staff, we were able to handle with extreme flexibility the many problems of such an extensive and complex project. We were able to test the reliability of ProSt on such a vast project, managing to produce a lot of work in less time”.

Engineer Leonardo Ziliani
Chief executive PRO.GE.IN


Progettazioni Generali Ingegneria
Via F.lli Reiss Romoli 15
Roma (RM)

Tel: +39 06 5911630
Fax: +39 06 5914934
E-mail: areatecnica@progein-camesa.it


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Construction of a new railway line Saida - Moulay Slissen (120 km) (Algeria)

Executive project drafting of a railway line (100 km), and its connection with the existing line (8,7 km), to the by-pass to Saida (2,2 km) and approximately 49 interferences of road diversions.

Company description

PRO.GE.IN. is a professional association founded in 1989 by Engineer Giancarlo Capotondi and Engineer Leonardo Ziliani, professional consultants with years of experience in the infrastructure sector. PRO.GE.IN. deals in particular with the infrastructure, railway and hydraulic developments, from the study of feasibility to the executive job site.

The project

The railway section Saida - Moullay Slissen is part of the hugest development plan of the railway infrastructure of the country by Ente ANESRIF. In fact, a national multimixed service (passanger and goods) railway network called “Hauts Plateaux” (Tout Ain - M’Sila - Ain OUSSERA - Tiaret - Saida - Mullay Slissen) is in construction, integrated with all the modernization and upgrade of the “East-West” network (Oran - Algeria - Annaba). The main axis extends for 100 km, the connection between the station of Saida for travelers and goods stretches out for 8.8 km, the by-pass between the main line and Sidon passenger station stretches out for 2.2 km. There are in total five railway stations.

Technical difficulties

Given the necessary regulatory compliance adjustments, considering the different railway legislation in use in Algeria, the most challenging design issues didn’t concern the optimization of the planimetric layout, as much as the definition and proper application of such shapes. In fact, the project involves the use of complex shapes including multiple items with different degrees of variability. We succeeded, thanks to the versatility of ProSt, to manage the large variability of more than 4000 sections using only three types of section in the entire project: besides local variations of shape, in some parts of the track there are excavations of more than thirty meters with even four different changes of slopes and characteristics of embankments. The powerful tools of ProSt made it possible to handle everything automatically, even when the dynamic design was not used continuously due to the expansion of the project. Real Time Design proved to be a very useful technology allowing it to have complete control over the entire project in real time and make changes localized to the characteristics of the platform type. The peculiarity of the project and the need to return it customized required some integrations to the software which SierraSoft developers have included in updates of the program.

Details of the project

  • Overall development of the railway: 120 km
  • Number of deviations for the adaptation of the existing roads: 49
  • Total cubic meters of excavation: 8.140.000 mÂł
  • Total cubic meters of survey: 9.450.000 mÂł
  • Total cubic meters of ballast: 257.000 mÂł
  • Overall development of the n°20 viaducts: 1859 m

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Some pictures of the work

Inserting layout of orthophotos (excerpt)

Inserting layout
of orthophotos (excerpt)

Table of assembly plan - profile

Table of assembly plan - profile

Table of related cross-sections

Table of related cross-sections

Typical work environment in parametric design

Typical work environment in parametric design

Example of trench under construction

Example of trench
under construction

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