Upgrade of the “Nelson Mandela Road” roadway - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

"Thanks to the more specific features of ProSt, we were able to handle with great ease the development of road sections and of the new center line of the project layout. We were also capable to interact in real time with the operating choices of DD.LL., in order to make alternative arrangements to the main critical points of the project and consequently have an overall, up to date development and operational control of the entire contract

Surveyor Ivan Mannoja
Project Manager STEAV S.r.l.


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Upgrade of the “Nelson Mandela Road” roadway - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Executive work development of the upgrade and implementation of Mandela Road urban roadway

Company description

Steav s.r.l. was founded in 2005, quickly became a leader as a professional support company in the field of technical consultancy dedicated to topographic, territorial and cartographic data. It operates throughout the World as a multidisciplinary structure capable of not only managing complex integrated projects, but also assuming specific roles in the development of civil engineering design, roads, hydraulic and environmental networks and infrastructure. Steav s.r.l. is able to offer a wide range of services ranging from data acquisition, collection and analysis of preliminary information, to more specific architectural surveys, collecting and computing topographical data, resulting with the development of topography, mapping management on a numerical basis, the “S.I.T. and G.I.S. systems”.

The project

The survey campaign in Dar Es Salaam - Republic of Tanzania - had as its subject the urban road section “Mandela Road”, one of the main highway between the urban town of “Ubungo” and the area of the commercial harbor of “Port Marine” for a total development of about 16 km. The main project involved the upgrade works of the existing roadway, which can be summarized in 2 phases:

First phase:
reconstruction of the main roadway of the two dual carriageways in each direction including the restoration of all the central and side curbs for the entire length of road;
reconstruction of the road junctions in the correspondence of access roads and lateral junctions;
vertical realignment of the roadway in the vicinity of railway crossings and banking and reconstruction;
restoration of water drains between the highway and side streets.

Second phase:
new construction of a coplanar road for each direction of travel for the total length of the project;
construction of a new drainage channel for storm water between the existing road and the new service roads.

The sequence of the major survey operations were as follows:
monitoring and verification of the control points (existing benchmarks);
creation of new datum points in the network;
determination and calculation of the closed leveling line on established datum points;
setting of the center line and subsequent survey of sections of the ground and of the road section with the inclusion of road bridges, railway crossings and civil works;
preparation of maps, longitudinal profiles and cross sections necessary for the subsequent computation earth movements and project execution control.

Technical difficulties

The main difficulties encountered in the development of the whole project were represented by the management of a large amount of data needed to create a 3d model of the terrain and works surveyed, in order to integrate the preliminary project considering the various stages of implementation.

Details of the project

  • Road system: 16,5 km
  • Major road intersection: 11
  • Railway crossings: 1
  • Viaduct: 4

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Some pictures of the work

Aerial image

Aerial image

Master control station

Master control station

Tracking initial section, progressive Km 0 +000.

Tracking initial section,
progressive Km 0 +000.

Altimetric control leveling line benchmarks

Altimetric control leveling
line benchmarks

Construction operational phase”

Construction operational phase”

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