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“Thanks to Topko we successfully completed a complex and delicate task. We always use SierraSoft softwares, in particular Topko saves us time and helps us in managing, calculating and rendering data. Our job, thanks to Topko becomes more precise, not just faster”.

Marcello Cesaratto
GlobaRT Servizi Topografici


GlobaRT Servizi Topografici
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SierraSoft softwares used


Topographic surveys for the final design of the A12 motorway Rosignano - Civitavecchia

Topographical and photogrammetric campaign of Lot D, in the area of Grosseto North and Grosseto South, to modify State Route 1 “Aurelia” to an arterial highway.

Company description

GlobaRT was founded in 2003 by the union of experiences in different topographical areas and the desire of a young group to create a 360° topographical company. These objectives are the strength of a team that now operates nationally providing their professional skills and know-how in the survey field to provide support to road, civil and industrial design. GlobaRT, faithful to the young and dynamic spirit that has always distinguished it, has made technological innovation the instrument to ensure a quality service, designed on the needs of the customer. The possession of GPS equipment of the latest generation (able to work with the permanent stations), robotic total stations, digital levels of precision and highly specialized software, demonstrates the company’s desire to create products with added value both in terms of representation and in content.

The project

GlobaRT was responsible for the topographical survey campaign and the consequent restitution of the area between North Grosseto covering a total surface of 91 Ha. The task required a continuous effort over a period of about four months, from March to June 2010, two of which were needed for all surveying phases. It started with the creation of a network consisting of points measured with a GPS, then the monographs complete with its coordinates in WGS84 systems, Gauss-Boaga and straight stretches were provided to the customer. The network was then connected to the framework already materialized previously by other companies that worked on the project and all the vertexes were then leveled out with high precision geometric leveling, keeping to the datum point leveling found in the operative area. Completed the first phase of the network, the survey phase was launched directly into the field with the aim of identifying the entire state of affairs and all the works in the area. The data collected made it possible to reconstruct the three-dimensional model that shows precisely the morphology of the terrain and the objects that are on it. The territorial elements identified during the survey were: slopes, walls, buildings, elements of water (rivers, canals, ditches, etc..) technology interferences; also for the entire tract assigned there were measured edges of the road SS 1 “Aurelia” with a wheelbase of 20 meters. For all the works and main elements, accurate monographs and specific reports were prepared showing the details of the work, the progressive mileage, the lane, the material used for its construction, an opinion on the state of maintenance, plans and two-dimensional tables, some pictures, etc.. The entire survey campaign was conducted in order to provide the support as accurate and complete as possible for the subsequent planning phases of the A12 motorway.

Technical difficulties

The entire phase of restitution of the enormous amount of data collected was performed by Topko which made it possible to immediately return the survey in accordance with the conditions imposed by the client. The use of codes in the countryside has, in fact, allowed to obtain, through Topko, the restitution of the points with its properties (layer, color, etc..) required, without the need of further manual editing actions. The strong use of the countryside codes, and the correct interpretation by Topko, has allowed the automatic restitution of the lines and 3D discontinuities of most of the drawing, always according to the conditions imposed by the client. The 3D viewer is very useful for the detection of abnormal elevations that may be present, even complex elements such as bridges and piers were easily returned in 3D thanks to Topko’s commands for the polylines editing. Topko was also used for the calculation of the GPS coordinates in the various systems required. Instead of having to export all the data in Verto, the function of coordinate transformation, already present in the software, that is able to directly use the IGM grids, was used. The ability to organize data collected in sub-projects, so as to facilitate not only the historical records of all phases of the survey, but also the subdivision of the job between the various operators was very useful and appreciated.

Details of the project

  • Area detected: 91 Ha
  • Leveling line: 65 km circa
  • Network points: 52
  • Viaducts: 1 - length 3.800 m
  • Manholes: 110
  • Major works (underpasses, overpasses, water works, bridges): 16
  • Surveyed points: 30.000 circa

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Some pictures of the work

Vista della diga

The surveyed zone

Detection of a network

Detection of a network

3D visualization in Topko

3D visualization in Topko

Picture of one of the minor masterpiece

Picture of one of
the minor masterpiece

Picture of one of the biggest masterpiece

Picture of one of
the biggest masterpiece

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