SierraSoft Topko Survey - Software for topography and cadastre

Advanced drawing and editing functions.

Import/Export DWG/DXF (up to AutoCAD 2015).

Import/Export ASCII file.

Raster image management.

Georeferencing of images (homographic, simple, affine, localized affine).


Direct link with topographic instruments

Reading/Writing file from topographic instruments.

Management of measures GPS and total stations.

Management of measures for chain-offset.

Management of known points.

Survey calculation and traverse adjustment.

Horizontal adjustment according to least squares.

Differential leveling.

Creation of measures/baselines on existing points.

Advanced functions for the management of survey points.

COGO (topographic/geometric utilities for the creation of new points).

Point description and symbols from codes.

Automatic drawing by codes.

Transformation of coordinates with or without scale variation, affine transformation.

Coordinate transformations cadastral into Gauss-Boaga and vice-versa.

Coordinate transformations between systems Map-Map, Geodetic-Map, Geodetic-Geodetic.

Link between measurement-points.

Management of cadastral particles and fractionations.

Map excerpt: import, self-preparation, update proposal.

Management of cadastral datum points and measured distances

Checking cadastral tolerances.

Management DB Censuario; area verification, printing mod51FTP.

Import/Export of Pregeo fieldbook (up to Pregeo 10.6).

SierraSoft Topko Survey



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