Classroom course: SierraSoft Land - Land survey restitution and analysis

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SierraSoft Land - Land survey restitution and analysis

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Course information

The course allows you to acquire the command of the work environment of the program.
The conceptual and operational tools are provided to manage the restitution, modeling and analisys of a BIM survey starting from different databases.
The course analyzes the methods of the quantities calculation by sections, on models and by entities. Furthermore, it deals with the design methods by surfaces and the customization of the projects.
In view of the interoperability provided by the BIM, it is possible to create an aggregate model complete with information independently structured and modeled.
The course is divided into several days, each of these explores different aspects related to land survey restitution, modeling and analysis.
The course takes place in the classroom and is held by qualified teachers, trained directly by SierraSoft. The lessons are intensive in order to guarantee the most complete technical preparation possible. Teaching support materials are provided. The numerous practical examples give a deep preparation, such as to make the concepts learned immediately operational. There are no computer stations for participants.

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Via Roveredo 1/A, 33170 Pordenone (PN)

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SierraSoft Land


3 days

Course contents

First day

Environmental approach and preliminary operations

Customizing the drawing of survey points

Introduction to BIM and BIM Modeling

Modeling and contour lines

Interoperability with BIM Exchange

Survey sections and introduction to the quantity calculation by sections

Second day

Management of multiple surveys

Quantity calculation

Management of cloud data

Third day

Surface design

Quantity calculation and model extraction

Creating the federated model

Final drawing

How to register

To register, you can complete the course registration form. For courses held at the SierraSoft headquarters in Pordenone, you can call us on +39 0434 254905; for courses held by external Trainers authorized by SierraSoft it is possible to use the contacts available in the SierraSoft trainers section.
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Course duration and date

The course is structured in 3 days. The first two days start at 8:45 and end at 17:45 with a lunch break from 12:15 to 14:00. The third day starts at 8:45 and ends at 12:15. The date of the course may change if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


Cancellation without charge is also possible by sending an e-mail within the deadline for registration to the course.
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Postponements or cancellations

For organizational reasons due to the professors or the number of enrolled students, the providing structure reserves the right to cancel or postpone the scheduled courses. Any change will be reported to all members by the deadline for enrollment in the course.

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The participation fee must be paid according to the indications of the structure that provides the course by the deadline for enrollment in the course.
The participation fee does not include lunch, accommodation and transfer fees. Only those who demonstrate the payment has been made can be admitted to the course. The courses are included among the deductible costs of 50% for the incomes of freelancers. (articles 53 and 54 of the Presidential Decree of 12.22.1986 n. 917 and subsequent amendments).

Course location

The course venue is the one indicated on the course description.

Certificate of attendance

At the end of each course will be sent to each participant (by e-mail) the certificate of attendance.

Request information

For more detailed information about the SierraSoft course programme, please call (+39) 0434 254905.