M3 framework

M3 framework.

Future starts here.

M3 framework software platform'
M3 framework

M3 framework is the new software platform aimed to create a new generation of applications for Land surveying,

Infrastructures Design and for Constructions.

M3 framework is a powerful, flexible and stable software platform where fulfill products and services.

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User Interface.

Beautiful and functional.

The ergonomic and refined Interface is focused on the user’s experience.

The result is a simple and effective Interface with a wider graphic area

and the access to features is natural and more intuitive.

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Graphic engine.

Extraordinarily fast.

A special flexible and very high-performance 3D graphic engine.

Based on this graphic engine, the CAD is extremely fast and convenient,

even with huge quantities of vector data and images.

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A stable base for your projects.

File 5x smaller then in SierraSoft ProSt

M3 framework includes a powerful, stable and high-performance database,

with an excellent level of data compression,
in order to minimize the used space.

The security data is ensured by the backup function and

SmartSave, which avoid the loss of information in case of unexpected stop of the software (for example a blackout).

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Memory manager.

Everything you need without waste.

Memory manager

1 Gb

SierraSoft ProSt


M3 framework on Windows 32Bit


M3 framework on Windows 64Bit

M3 framework can use all the available memory on the system

(2GB for Windows 32bit and 64GB for Windows 64bit).

It has an optimized management, which uses just the necessary memory and free memory as soon as possible.

The memory management is automatic and smart,
in order to make the most of the resources of the computer.

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Work without boundaries.


M3 framework is international by nature and manages different languages and several units of measure.

Thanks to the management of Unicode characters,
it is possible to use all currently used writing systems,

as Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, etc.

It is possible to choose from different languages among the Interface, the design data and the reports.

In this way it will be possible to

work with your favorite language and choose the one requested by the client for the finished work.

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BIM exchange.

Share, collaborate, communicate.

BIM exchange

BIM exchange is a powerful tool that allows for the integration of topography works,

infrastructure design and construction within the processes,

guidelines and tools used for the BIM (Building Information Modeling).

BIM Exchange is open and can be customized; enter your topography work into the BIM process,

adapting it to the workflow requirements and defined standards.

The BIM exchange function is only available as part of SierraSoft Subscription.

Discover BIM exchange Discover 'BIM exchange'

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Learning by doing.


Learning tools are included in the M3 framework.

The Smarthelp guides the user while working with the software by providing context-sensitive information.

The user guide of the product is integrated in the Interface through retractable control panels and always available.

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Supported systems.

M3 framework allows the development of products both for 32Bit and 64Bit Window platforms

(Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7).

32Bit and 64Bit - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
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