SierraSoft Land


SierraSoft Land

BIM software for land restitution, modeling and analysis

Version 3.0

Perpetual license or time limited license

System requirements:

Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor 1 GHz or more.

2 GB minimum RAM (4 GB recommended).

2 GB hard disk space.

Display Resolution 1280x1024 True Color (1600x1050 or more recommended).

Browser Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later).


Technical details:


M3 framework Platform.

Ergonomic Interface.

Customized sliding toolbar.

Management of multiple windows, multi pages and multi monitors.

Standard windows and full screen working method.

Intelligent Command line.

SmartSave system for the secure saving of data.

International unit of measure management (Metrics and Imperials).

SmartHelp system for learning by doing.


Software: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Greek, Russian

Sample files: Italian

User Manual: English, Italian

Online Help: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Greek, Russian

SmartHelp: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Greek, Russian


Technology: SierraSoft BIM exchange.

BIM kind: Full BIM + Open BIM.

BIM sector: BIM for Infrastructure.

BIM dimensions: 3D, 4D, 5D.

BIM level: 2nd level.

Formats: IFC, LandXML, other "common" or "familiar" formats.

SierraSoft Land complies with 2014/24 / EU Directive
from the European Parliament.

For more information on BIM meanings, please consult this page.

For more information on BIM exchange, consult this page.


High-performance 3D graphic engine.

Full 3D CAD.

Insertion of drawing elements (lines, arches, texts, blocks etc.).

Tools for editing drawing elements (drag, cut, etc.).

Tools for drawing analysis (distance, angles, etc.).

Advanced drawing and editing functions.

Subprojects management.

WBS management.

View mode: drawing and realistic.

Management of drawing styles.

Cloud storage (BIM exchange is required).

3D visualization and perspective with shading.


Management of raster images: upload and visualization.

Management of georeferenced images.

Maps download from Google Maps (BIM exchange is required).

Images insertion on the model.


Reading and writing file from land surveying instruments.

Insertion and editing of survey points.

Advanced functions for the management of survey points.

COGO (topographic and geometric utilities for the creation of new points).

Point description and symbols from codes.

Automatic drawing by codes.


Management of breakline and boundary constraints.

Automatic triangulation on points and break lines.

DTM download from Google Maps (BIM exchange is required).

Advanced functions for the management of the triangle model.

Management of contour lines.

Merge models.

Visualization according to the color scale of elevation of model triangles.

Management of allotments.

Volume calculation on fixed elevation.

Volume calculation by levelling without adjustment.

Volume calculation by levelling with adjustment.

Volume calculation by intersection of models.

Volume calculation by polyline.

Visualization and printout of calculated volumes.

Extraction and management of models perimeters.


Creation of sideslopes between polylines.

Creation of sideslopes by slope, end elevation, width and height.

Creation of horizontal and vertical sideslopes.

Creation of sideslopes with extension to the DTM.

Polylines offset to assigned elevation or with multiple elevation.

Automatic slopes management for cut and fill.


Visualization of point clouds.

Direct drawing on point clouds.

Simultaneous management of multiple clouds.

Automatic triangulation on point clouds with different density.

Real time extraction of profiles and sections from the clouds.

Management of point clouds originating from the laser scanner systems,
lidar, Mobile Mapping and drones (UAV/APR).

Conversion from various formats (LAS, XYZ, PTS, XCF, etc.)
with “SierraSoft Mass Data Converter” software.


Manual entry of cross-sections.

Dynamic cross-section visualization.

Management of cross-section annotation box through customized styles.

Management of polylines cross-sections.

Extraction of cross-section polylines from customizable styles.

Calculation of terrain cross-sections from: triangle digital model,
break lines, points and point clouds.

Calculation of areas and volumes by cross-sections.

Calculation of areas and volumes from customizable styles.


Management of quantity for quantity takeoff and estimating
from cross-sections, from models and from entities.

Management of quantity for quantity takeoff and estimating by WBS.


Import and export of Geomatics Suite files (.PST).

Import and export of Autodesk® AutoCAD files (.DXF,.DWG).

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