SierraSoft Coaching - Servizi di affiancamento su misura da remoto

SierraSoft Coaching

Customized, remote assistance.

SierraSoft Coaching is a highly effective training method, aimed at strengthening the student's professional skills, combining a high level of personalization with a strong reduction of the impact on employment through a significant reduction in time and cost.

The coaching service which is exclusively remote, provides the customer with support from a SierraSoft technician. During the remote session, the client and SierraSoft technician work with the software for which the customer requested the service and, depending on the situation, the SierraSoft technician's console or the customer's console can be used.

The purpose of coaching is to improve the client's knowledge and skills on how to use the software and answer the customer's queries, clarify the little-known features, determine operating modes or simply exchange information and opinions on how to use the product.

This form of assistance begins and ends within the same session and is not eligible for cases, phone calls, assistance or other forms of support and training provided by SierraSoft. The service provides the customer with a technical expert; SierraSoft does not guarantee that the technician will be able to resolve the customer's problems.

The Coaching sessions last for 45 minutes or 105 minutes (1h 45 '). The entire session or any part thereof may be recorded as evidence of activities.

SierraSoft Coaching is an extension (at an additional cost) of the technical support service available with Subscription.

SierraSoft Coaching is provided and activated exclusively by the support technician, following a request for technical support.

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