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SierraSoft Consulting

Get the most out of SierraSoft software products thanks to our consulting services.

SierraSoft Consulting is the division of SierraSoft responsible for providing technical advisory services linked to the implementation and use of SierraSoft solutions.

The SierraSoft Consulting service offers the opportunity to make the most of investment in SierraSoft software. We use our experience, gained working alongside professionals from around the world, to help them be more productive, streamlining operations and workforce by defining new approaches and means of problem solving. The SierraSoft consulting service offers:

  • Product installation and configuration
    It includes installation and verification that the software is working properly on the user's computer.
  • Design and creation of object library
    Creation of roadways, railways and parametric objects for SierraSoft software products.
  • On-the-job training
    Customer support during on site project implementation or at the SierraSoft's headquarters.
  • Tailor-made training courses
    The content of the SierraSoft Training courses is re-designed and aligned with the customer's needs.
  • Tutoring
    Remote assistance to clear up problems and provide alternative solutions.
  • Support for the migration from other software
    Remote support (over the phone or remote desktop) to manage the conversion of ordinary workflows from a product different from those of SierraSoft.
  • Integration of SierraSoft solutions with other existing solutions
    Remote support (over the phone or remote desktop) to achieve maximum integration between SierraSoft products in ordinary workflows and the customer's different existing software solutions.
  • Import / export and conversion of non-standard data formats
    Creation of tailor-made import / export schemes to import or export data from a data source accessible to and from the SierraSoft products.
  • Application of special regulations (road, rail, etc.)
    Integration of as yet non-existent road / rail design policies, if the necessary data is available.
  • Creation of manuals and customized documentation
    Creation of example instruction manuals for specific workflows relating to the client's special requirements.

Consulting services are provided both by SierraSoft staff and professional SierraSoft partners.

For more information or to request a quote, send an email to or call:

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+39 0434 254905
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