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When it comes to professional solutions, support is really essential.
SierraSoft is constantly by its customers' side to help them meet the challenges faced each day.
SierraSoft Support is the technical support service available through Subscription.

"If a man is hungry do not give him a fish, but teach him to fish. Only this way will you have fed him, not for a day, but forever".

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Submit a new support request!

Submit a new support request!

SierraSoft Support Questions and answers

The technical support service is available only for the software licenses covered by Subscription for the period of its validity.
For inquiries related to licenses not covered by subscription, contact Customer Support.

Service features (last update 21.12.2015)
HOW TO SEND THE REQUESTS Sending the support request via web form to be filled out:
If the customer cannot access the internet, call (+39) 0434 254900
(Incoming calls only in Italian or English) where an operator will fill out the form under dictation.
TAKING CHARGE OF THE REQUEST Requests are handled as quickly as possible; guarantee is given that the requests will be taken on board within 8 working hours from receipt thereof, indicating that an expert has evaluated them and will proceed with dealing with them.
TROUBLESHOOTING A minimum troubleshooting time is not guaranteed.

If the request includes complex tests or ones that are too costly, or if the request is linked to a design by the customer that cannot easily be reproduced, it may not be possible to process it; in this case, the applicant will be notified and, if available, other forms of assistance will be recommended.

If the SierraSoft technician sees fit to call (emergency/ severity / complexity of the signaling) he/she will call the customer (outgoing calls only in Italian or English, international calls by SKYPE only).
LIMITATIONS SierraSoft may restrict or suspend the support service if the customer uses the service irregularly, excessively, abusively or fraudulently.

Examples of such use include:
  • a large number of support requests regarding previously resolved problems and / or general usability;
  • repeated requests for which the answer is easily found in the product documentation;
  • discussion of issues not related to technical support;
  • repeatedly exceeding what can be considered as a fair usage limit of the service.
SierraSoft is not responsible for any loss or damage to data, and strongly recommends customers keep a data backup plan.
IMPARTIAL USE OF THE SERVICE The technical support requests (single tickets) are subject to an impartial usage limit of the service of 30 requests per month, with no more than 3 requests per day.
The service features can be modified by SierraSoft at any time without notice and without any communication from SierraSoft concerning changes.
For subscribers to the Subscription, the service features in effect at the time of subscription will remain active until they expire.

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions related to the SierraSoft Support service delivery mode.

1st question Can I still take advantage of a free support?

Technical support is limited only to licenses covered by Subscription. For inquiries related to licenses not covered by Subscription, contact Customer Support.

2nd question How do I get help if I temporarily do not have Internet?

You can call the specific number +39 0434 254900 where an operator will answer and help you compile the Web Form. The operator who answers is not a technician from the support team, and is only responsible for inserting the data.

3rd question Is the answer only via e-mail?

In certain cases that cannot be resolved via e-mail but are particularly urgent or serious, our technicians will arrange a telephone appointment with the client.

4th question If the program fails to start, who can I talk to?

You can contact our support team through the Web Form where our technicians will respond

5th question What do I do if I need to send a file?

You should wait to be prompted by our technicians before sending files (attachments).

6th question What if I cannot explain everything in an e-mail?

You need to fill in the Web Form in as much detail as possible to allow our technicians the possibility of providing you with a correct answer in the shortest time possible.

7th question Can I have the support even though I have a old version of the program?

The versions supported are only those indicated in the Subscription profile.

8th question How fast can I be assured an answer to my request?

Your application will be handled as quickly as possible; only with paid support can we guarantee that your request will be dealt with within 8 working hours from its receipt, indicating that one of our experts has assessed it and will proceed in dealing with it.

9th question How do I know if my email has been received?

After sending it, you will receive an automated response informing you that your request has been successful; later, and only with paid support, will our expert, who has taken charge of the question, reply with a commission approval notice, within 8 working hours.

10th question Why can I not call you directly?

Because the telephone support is a limited resource which, by its nature, cannot guarantee access to support to a large number of customers.

11th question What should I do if I have to ask for support on several different matters?

You must fill out an application for each individual subject.

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