BIM - Information analysis and verification

The activity of analysis, verification and validation has a key and essential role in the BIM methodology, as it allows first to validate the geometric and information content and then perform a series of analyzes on the modelBIM - Information analysis and verification | SierraSoft width=

Analyze and verify the information content of models

Information analysis and verification

Analyze and verify the information content of models

BIM - Information analysis and verification
Analyzing and verifying the information content of models is a key and indispensable process in BIM methodology.
The information models are created in such a way as to be able to analyze and verify what has been designed and modeled, anticipating and resolving any errors in the design and to improve design choices.

The checks

Among the possible controls on information models we find:
The analysis and verifications take place through one or more specific software. There are different controls for the different disciplines.
The analysis and verification activity ends with a report indicating the interferences, inconsistencies and the elements to proceed with their resolution.

The formats for analysis and verification

To perform the analyzes it is preferable to use information models in an open format in order to normalize the information and automate the controls independently of the design/modeling software.
Open formats for the activities of analysis and verification are:

SierraSoft BIM Checking

SierraSoft BIM Checking is the software extension for the information analysis and verification of models of land and transportation infrastructures.
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