BIM - Work with IFC

Work with IFC

The design of roads and railways with IFC

Geometric-informative design and modeling require the sharing of information in an open format (openBIM).

Sharing the information contained in the models is of fundamental importance in BIM starting from the As-Found to the As-Built.
The format that more than others lends itself to creating shareable models that can be used for different purposes is the buildingSMART IFC format.
The IFC format offers the following advantages:
To exploit the enormous potential of the IFC format, however, it is necessary that the software have the specific design and modeling functions for the IFC format.

Requests for modeling in IFC

Designing with IFC means creating IFC models that must be consistent with:

The characteristics of the IFC model

The IFC model must be customized according to the specifications in the the BIM Execution Plan (BEP):

Take part to the SierraSoft Workshops on Working with IFC

SierraSoft periodically organizes free online workshops entitled “The design of road infrastructure with IFC”.
The workshops are constantly being reviewed to provide the state of the art on the subject.
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