SierraSoft BIM Accelerator

The BIM Accelerator service makes it quick and easy to implement BIM in the planning, design, construction and management of road and railway infrastructures

Serviço de consultoria e suporte na implementação da metodologia BIM

SierraSoft BIM Accelerator

Serviço de consultoria e suporte na implementação da metodologia BIM

Serviço de consultoria e suporte na implementação da metodologia BIM

The “SierraSoft BIM Accelerator” service helps the customer to effectively implement the BIM methodology in land survey restitution and infrastructure projects using SierraSoft software solutions.

The purpose of the service is to support the customer in developing the culture, skills and methods necessary to allow him to independently manage BIM projects for survey, infrastructure design and construction.
The result is an optimised and simplified workflow for the management and restitution of information models that meet client requirements (Employer Information Requirement and BIM Execution Plan).
The whole service is centered on the use of SierraSoft software and technologies and includes: SierraSoft M3 Framework, SierraSoft Land, SierraSoft Roads, SierraSoft Rails, SierraSoft BIM Modeling, SierraSoft BIM Exchange, SierraSoft BIM Checking.
SierraSoft solutions are then combined with other third-party products and technologies in use by the customer such as: Tekla Structures, Midas Civil, Autodesk Revit, Allplan Bridge, Autodesk Revit, etc.
The service is aimed at anyone who operates with information specifications, information management plans and information modeling. It is therefore aimed at design studios, construction companies and commissioning bodies. The figures involved in the service include: Designers, BIM specialists, BIM Coordinator, BIM Manager.
The service includes various activities that constitute a useful path for the customer for the development of the know-how necessary for the implementation of BIM in infrastructures.
The main activities that make up the service are:
The service excludes any kind of design assistance


Dissemination and communication activity of BIM concepts and research in an accessible and easy-to-understand form.
O objetivo é dar a conhecer ao público os resultados das actividades de investigação e a experiência adquirida no âmbito do BIM para infraestruturas.


The activity consists in the presentation of the detailed characteristics of the service offered by SierraSoft and in the presentation of the BIM implementation requests by the Client.
The result is an alignment between offer and request which can lead to the analysis of requests and formulation of the solution proposal.
It is an activity lasting 1-2 hours that can also be done remotely.

Análise e solução

The analysis of the requests takes place through the analysis of the documentation made available by the Customer including:
The definition of the solution takes place through a comparison between SierraSoft-Client and Client-Ordering Company.
Are defined:
The analysis takes place using SierraSoft forms and at the end a written report is returned.
The time required for this activity is variable and according to the objectives required within the alignment activity.


It involves the making of the materials necessary to implement the solution.


It consists of a series of services and activities that support the client in acquiring the necessary skills.
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