Resources (videos and documents) about SierraSoft Hydro

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SierraSoft Hydro

BIM software for hydraulic design

Technical resources

Accessible from the software online help (including trial version)


  • SierraSoft Hydro guide
  • SierraSoft Hydro features
  • SierraSoft BIM Exchange guide*
  • SierraSoft BIM Modeling guide*
(*) not included with the trial version

Video tutorial:

Introduction to the working environment

  • Opening of a work
  • Work organization
  • The BIM Modeling panel
  • The graphic windows
  • The toolbar
  • The command line
  • The layer panel
  • The filter panel
  • The property panel
  • The Survey operating window
  • The Sections operating window
  • The Quantity operating window
  • The Settings window
  • The plotting previews

Video tutorial:

Overview on databases

  • The import from sgd
  • The images import
  • The import of DWG/DXF files