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Road design with SierraSoft Roads
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Demo Online - Live
Road design with SierraSoft Roads
Duration: 2 Stunden
Demo in Englisch
DW.RD01.EN 2022-02-08
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The demo provides an overview of features for designing complex road infrastructure using SierraSoft Roads software.
The demo is an interactive presentation followed by a discussion with questions asked by the participants.
The demo can be followed in streaming, both live (“Online - Live”) and deferred (“Online - OnDemand”).


The demo is directed at those involved in the design, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure (engineers, surveyors, construction companies, engineering firms, etc.).


The demo allows you to know the features and functions of the program.

Distinctive elements

  • 100% online: you decide how and where to attend the Demo.
  • The Demo “Online - Live” can be followed on PC, tablet and smartPhone (Android and IoS) using the GoToMeeting software platform.
  • The Demo “Online - OnDemand” can be followed on PC, tablet and smartPhone (Android and IoS) using an internet browser.
  • Demo available “Online - OnDemand” for 24 hours after the live broadcast.
  • How to register

    To register you can fill out the registration form or call (+39) 0434 254905.

    Postponements or cancellations

    For organizational reasons, SierraSoft reserves the right to cancel or postpone the scheduled Demos. All enrolled attendees will be notified of any changes by the registration deadline.


    Work environment

    • Approach to the environment and work management

    Controlled axis alignment

    • Element types and methods of design longitudinal profile
    • Vertical alignment elements and design references

    Policy analysis and verification

    • Policies present in the software
    • Customisation of alignment controls

    Typical section

    • Environment and tools for defining the typical section
    • Management of application intervals

    Alignment changes and real-time control

    • Tools for managing customizations

    Cross sections

    • Positioning and extractions

    Quantities calculation

    • Quantity from sections and from entities
    • WBS management

    Project planimetry and road model

    • Customisation of generation

    Creation of final drawings

    • Management of section and profile annotations box
    • Creation of the geometry annotation
    • Previews and drawing sheets
    • Stakeout

    Management of issues related to road intersections such as roundabouts, junctions and ramps

    • Variation of connecting edges
    • Vertical alignment
    • Superelevations in the intersection areas
    • Sections of several axes