BIM workflow - Efficiency and quality in BIM design

BIM workflow

Efficiency and quality in BIM design

Workflow is of great importance in managing road and railway infrastructure design in BIM

Efficient workflow and efficient coordination activities improve design quality, contain design and modeling costs, and reduce errors during construction.

Arbeiten mit BIM

Maximum efficiency is achieved by integrating design, geometric-information modeling, information exchange and analysis and verification activities in a single activity.
The use of software tools that integrate these different activities in a single platform is the main tool for obtaining an efficient workflow.

The main work

In the design of the workflow the first and most important element that must be considered is which is the main work and which are the ancillary works.
The main work defines the choice of software that manages it both in design and in management and which must be able to manage models of ancillary works.
The main work determines whether we are in horizontal or vertical BIM.

Horizontal BIM and Vertical BIM

Horizontal BIM (Infrastructure) is very different from Vertical BIM (Buildings) and requires very different workflows and tools.
Among the most important differences between the two types of BIM we find:



Konstruktion für Achsen, Profile und Querschnitte Entwurf für parametrische Objekte und Elemente
Model based on parametric extrusions and little on objects Model based mainly on objects (object libraries)
Nutzung des Geländes als wesentliches Element der Gestaltung Nutzung des Geländes als Randelement in der Planung
Große Erweiterung des Modells Kleiner bis Mittlerer Modellbereich
Interchange formats specific to infrastructures Interchange formats specific to buildings

Interchange formats

The exchange of information for infrastructures requires the transfer of specific information of the infrastructures world.
The formats that can be used are:


Two workflows are most commonly used:

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