BIM - Échange de l'information

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Exchanging information is the key to BIM success

Échange de l'information

Exchanging information is the key to BIM success

BIM - Échange de l'information
Information exchange is the process of exchanging and sharing information contained in the information model.
The information included in the information model to be used and therefore express its value must be able to be exchanged and shared in a multidisciplinary context and according to the intended use of it.
The information exchanges are designed and then fixed in guidelines that take into account the information needs and the software that must operate the information exchanges (transmission, reception).

The open formats

The information exchange can take place with different technologies and different formats. In general, open technologies and formats should be preferred.
The open formats are created in compliance with the declared international standards and do not present legal restrictions for their use.
Open formats provide a number of benefits, including:
The most widely used open formats in the infrastructure industry are:
The files (in open format) for information exchange are created starting from the information models (in proprietary format) managed by the design and modeling software. It follows that the quality of the information present in the information exchange files directly depends on the ability of the design/modeling software to manage the information modeling and to control the output exchange format.

The information exchange

Among the main information exchanges we find:
When designing the format for information exchange, must be defined:

SierraSoft BIM Exchange

SierraSoft BIM Exchange is the software extension for the information exchange of models of land and transportation infrastructures.
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