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BIM railway design with SierraSoft Rails
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Démo Online - OnDemand

BIM railway design with SierraSoft Rails

Durée: 2 heures
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The demo provides an overview of the functionalities for designing railway infrastructure using SierraSoft Rails software.
The functionalities illustrated during the demo are also present in the “SierraSoft Rails Design Studio” and “SierraSoft Infra Design Studio” software.


The demo is directed at those involved in the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure (engineers, surveyors, construction companies, engineering firms, etc.).


The demo allows you to know the features and functionalities of the program.

Distinctive elements

  • 100% online: you decide how and where to follow the Demo.
  • The Demo can be followed on PC, tablet and smartphone (Android and iOS) using an internet browser.
  • The Demo is available “Online - OnDemand” for 72 hours from the access request.